getting your life back

“A dramatic reorganization of the home causes correspondingly dramatic changes in lifestyle and perspective. It is life transforming.”

-Marie Kondo

Here are a few organizing tasks that we offer

We can create personalized packages specific to your needs

package 1:

You are a realtor and your listing needs some maintenance and the owners need you to take care of everything. You are time-starved. You need someone to take over handling all the tasks quickly so you can post the listing.

We will create a MASTER TASK LIST and estimated cost for you to review with your clients and/ or yourself. We can share which tasks have to be done and how fast they can be completed. The next step is to start with the clean-up and complete any maintenance required.

package 2:

You are a homeowner and you want to get your house ready to sell. The list goes on and on, so you need to farm out the tasks. Decluttering is not one of your specialties, and you just need some support.

We can review your list if you have one and then we will create a MASTER TASK LIST. The list can cover anything from decluttering to maintenance repairs like a leaky faucet or fixing the front entrance so it creates a favourable impression. We can make suggestions to help your home sell faster and get that price you want.

package 3:

You’re downsizing and you’ve got years of accumulated stuff to deal with first. You need a compassionate person to help you determine what you can keep.

After years of raising your family, entertaining and having hobbies, it is difficult to decide what comes with you. I can guide you in sorting out what belongings don’t serve you anymore and organize the items and mementos you treasure most.

service fees

My hourly rate is $75/hour and organizing sessions are a 3-hour minimum.

If you’ve got a specific budget in mind, we can talk about how to
make progress on your most important goals within your allotted budget.